Caring For A Hair Weave

If someone wants to try an exciting new look, or if they have a hair style they do not enjoy, adding a brazilian weave to their real hair is a wonderful way to get an eye-catching look. Many people enjoy the feeling of a fuller head of hair. A weave will add volume and length to the existing hair without altering the real hair in the process. Caring for weaves is a process that should be taken seriously so they last for several weeks. Here are some tips to use when caring for a weave.

When extensions are sewn onto real strands of hair, it is necessary to be very careful when grooming the hair so the real hair shafts do not break. Always try removing tangles from the tips of the weave and weave hairstyles work upward toward the real hair root area. Do this very slowly, using careful strokes with the comb so the weave strands do not become dislodged from the real hair strands.


Washing a weave should be done by adding shampoo a the root of the hair and working it down towards the tips with the palms of the hands. The shampoo should not be rubbed into the hair as the friction can cause breakage. It is a good idea to use a natural shampoo without sulfates to keep the hair from unnecessary drying chemicals. Adding a moisturizing serum can be beneficial in keeping the strands of the weave soft as well.

It is extremely important to dry weaves in their entirety after they are washed. This will reduce the chance of a mildew smell within the braids. Use a hair dryer to remove all moisture from the weave after it is washed. The hair can be styled at this time as well. When sleeping, it may be beneficial to wrap a scarf around the weave to help keep friction from pulling at the strands.

When wearing weaves, whether curly weaves or straight styles, the area where each strand is attached to the real hair strands can cause some itchiness on the scalp. This is exacerbated by not washing the hair as often in order to keep the weave in good condition for longer. Do not use fingernails to scratch at the scalp as it can cause the weave to loosen from the real strands of hair. Apply some tea tree oil to the scalp where it itches to help relieve it.


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